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The Florida State Council is conducting a raffle to raise funds for Council charities as well as for Florida K of C Charities, Inc.

Raffle book containing 12 raffle tickets will be distributed directly to Councils in September by the FSC.  The number of books each Council receives will be based on 75% of the Council’s membership.  Tickets are $1.00 donation each. Council member’s collect donations for tickets and the Council turns $6.00 per book to Florida K of C Charities, Inc. while retaining the other $6.00 designated for the council’s charitable programs.

For example, if a Council collects donations for 300 books over the 8-month period, the Council keeps $1,800 and sends $1,800 to K of C Charities.   There are no out-of-pocket costs to the Council.  The Florida State Council will handle all the marketing and ticket costs, along with the prize money..

You can obtain your raffle booklets at the next Business Meeting or by emailing

Please make every effort to sell booklets at work and to family and friends. Our Council keeps half the proceeds collected.

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